Polaroid 1000 With Matching Polatronic Flash INCLUDED - RARE

Price: $159.99
  • Item #: 20Pol - 1000/Polatronic
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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The RARE vintage Polaroid 1000 Land Camera SX-70 camera AND matching and VERY RARE Polatronic flash unit!!


Fantastic shape!! And works perfectly!!

So very rare!

The camera and detachable flash are in excellent condition! It reads "1000" instead of "One Step".  A rare model sold only in European markets. The official Polaroid flash reads "Polatronic" in the same style lettering as "1000". It usually reads "Q-Light" instead of "Polatronic".. it's extremely rare!! They are both in AMAZING condition. So well preserved!!

A perfect working Polaroid camera and flash. Ready for the brand new PX-70 color film from The Impossible Project!

We post to anywhere in the world!!!

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No worries about new SX-70 film for Polaroid cameras. Brand new film is available and reasonably priced for Polaroid SX-70 film cameras and Polaroid 600 film cameras!!