Polaroid 600 Extreme
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Polaroid 600 Extreme

Price: $89.99
  • Item #: 58 - 600 EXTREME
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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We sell perfectly working Polaroid 600 cameras.  Serving Australia - USA!


Polaroid 600 Extreme

This is a RARE newer model Polaroid 600 film camera.

Only one in stock!!

It is in Excellent condition. Just one tiny unnoticeable black on black scuff! That's it!! This Polaroid 600 film camera really looks amazing.

Has close-up option and lighter/darker adjuster.

Made in the UK.


This camera offers a contemporary design and snaps Polaroid's signature instant images. It features automatic three-zone focus and an automatic flash with a 2-to-11-foot range. The Polaroid also offers a selectable close-up lens for shots between 2 and 4 feet. The Polaroid camera uses Polaroid 600 film to produce 3.13-by-3.13-inch exposures.

This model is very RARE!

The camera has an electronic flash and perfect lens. The film door and the film door latch operate smoothly with no problems- the film shade that covers the photograph as it exits the camera works perfectly as well. It has a lightening and darkening control switch on the front of the camera below the lens, as well as maunal close up adjustment switch to the left of the lens. Its picture counter, viewfinder, and flash and shuuter buttons are all in great condition and work like new. For carrying convenience it also has an adjustable hand strap. This camera is ultra rare and in overall Excellent condition :)