polaroid sx-70 film land camera
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Polaroid One Step BEST Camera and Accessories Package

Price: $249.99
  • Item #: 20Q - One Step Package
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
Availability: Out-of-Stock


Behold ... This is a very special combo package :)

We've assembled the BEST CONDITION camera, flash, case, manuals, self-timer, tripod mount, and flash bars that we have in stock, and put them together in this package for a discriminating customer who wants the best...either for a gift or for themselves. :)

- Our best condition Polaroid One Step SX-70. Looks amazing!!  Strap is even still factory wrapped in the original plastic. 

- Our best condition Polaroid Q-Light Flash. :)

- An EXTREMELY RARE Polaroid carry case that they made specifically for this camera and flash combo. It's a taller case that accomidates the camera with the flash attached. :) We've only seen one other case like this since we've been in business and certainly not in this condition! Incredible. So RARE!!! We don't expect to ever have another one in stock.

- Crisp new looking instruction booklets for BOTH the camera and flash.

- Our best condition Polaroid Self-Timer.  For setting the camera down and giving yourself ten seconds before the camera takes a shot. Great for selfies!!

- A Polaroid Tri-pod mount. Easily slides onto the bottom of the camera. When you want to get artistic :)

- A package of 2 never used/ never opened flash bars. They are 10 time use, disposable flash bars for when you want a more portable flash. They are so cool!! They are the old-school kind that produce a little mini contained exposion when the filament inside ignites. Produces a nice bright flash. So cool and so vintage :)

This is our only package like this in stock. All the best stuff!!

The case has this leather-like strip on the underside of the strap that no other Polaroid case has :) 



These One Step SX-70 Land Cameras have glossy plastic sides so they tend to pick up very light scratches on the sides rather easily. We've rarely ever seen a mint condition one for this reason. So, finding one in excellent condition is a real treat.

We post to anywhere in the world!!!

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