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Polaroid One Step Flash 600 Film Camera

Price: $64.99
  • Item #: 39FS - Red Stripe Flash
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: New
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One Step Flash 600 vintage instant film camera

Cool Vintage Red Stripe  :)

Classic, UK made

Close-Up Switch!

Lighten / Darken (Exposure Control)

Looks soo cool! :)


Other Product Features:
Takes clear, instant pictures at the push of a button


Focus-free simplicity


Built-in automatic flash Uses Polaroid 600 format film


Lens: 116mm f/11 Single-element


Shutter: electronic; range around 1/4 -1/200 sec


Exposure system: programmed automatic


You can get a price break depending on the exterior cosmetic condition of the camera.

If you have any questions regarding the specific condition of any individual Polaroid camera please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer your questions promptly. We love to take care of our customers.

Mint condition Polaroid cameras may have been used once or twice, but they look and work like BRAND NEW. Perfect.

Excellent condition cameras have no real noticeable scratches. You'll have to look hard to find a tiny scratch or scuff. Looks amazing.

Very Good means the camera has suffered just one or two small scratches from normal light use. Other than that it is just a wonderful looking, perfect working Polaroid instant camera.

Good condition cameras are perfect working cameras.. they just have a lot of noticeable scratches or scuffs.

Fair cameras.. well, they work. Vintage with a lot of wear. Polaroids are built strong and simply. They'll last a looong time even if the outside looks scratchy. :)


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