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Polaroid One Step SX-70 Film Camera - Black

Price: $69.99
  • Item #: 21 - One Step Plus
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: New
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Polaroid One Step Plus, SX-70 Film Camera

Lighten/darken (exposure) knob

Shoulder strap

Funky rainbow stripe

The all black version of the One Step SX-70:  http://www.polaroidsforsale.com/Polaroid-ONE-STEP-SX-70-Instant-Film-Camera-20-One-Step-White.htm 

Optional SX-70 film camera accessories include: a 10 time use disposable flash bar, an electronic AA battery powered flash, and the matching Q-light flash (all of which attach to a small slot on top of the camera), an original Polaroid One Step SX-70 instruction manual, an original Polaroid carrying case, or other vintage groovy camera carrying case from the same era :)  We can help you put together a nice gift package!!  We love to help our customers!!

All the Polaroid cameras we sell are guaranteed to work.  All cameras come with shoulder straps and rubbereyepieces /eyecups attached.

These One Step SX-70 Land Cameras have glossy plastic sides so they tend to pick up very light scratches on the sides rather easily. I've never seen a mint condition one for this reason. So, finding one in excellent condition is a real treat.

Excellent condition Polaroid cameras look amazing for they're age. Only the very lightest scratches on the sides. Used just a few times then stored away until now. WOW! 

Very Good means the camera has just a few more noticeable small scratches on the sides from normal light use. Other than that it is just a wonderful looking camera. Front face looks great, just a minor blemish here or there if you look really closely. You will be pleased with it's condition.

Good condition Polaroids are perfect working cameras.. they just have a lot of noticeable fine scratches on the sides.  A little wear on the front.

Fair cameras.. well, they work. Vintage with a lot of wear. Polaroids are built strong and simply. They'll last a looong time even if the outside looks kind of scratchy.

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No worries about new SX-70 film for Polaroid cameras. Brand new film is very available for sale and reasonably priced for Polaroid SX-70 and 600 film cameras!