Polaroid Pronto B Instant Film Camera - Silver
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Polaroid Pronto B Instant Film Camera - Silver

Price: $59.99
  • Item #: 25 - Pronto B
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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This is a cool silver and black version of the Polaroid Pronto SX-70.

This is a rare camera in this color and style :)

It has a better lens than the regular One step cameras, adjustable distance scale, flash bar socket, perfect lens, shutter button, film door and latch, lightening and darkening control, view finder, picture counter, electic eye, socket for furure accesories.

No worries about new SX-70 film for Polaroid Cameras! It uses the new PX-70 film from the Impossible Project.


The Polaroid Pronto B camera pictured is in Excellent condition. Only the lightest scratches on the sides. This is typical of all cameras of this model because of the glossy plastic used on the sides of these cameras.

You can get a price break depending on the exterior cosmetic condition of the camera.

If you have any questions regarding the specific condition of any individual Polaroid camera for sale please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer your questions promptly.

We love to take care of our customers.

--Mint condition Polaroid cameras may have been used once or twice, but they look and work like BRAND NEW. Perfect. Original box included when available. However, it is extremely rare to find any 1970's rangefinder cameras in scratchless Mint condition. The age and type of plastic used on these cameras can easily lead to a tiny scratch or two over the years, resulting in it being labeled as "Excellent Condition"... 

--Excellent condition Polaroid cameras have no real noticeable scratches. You'll have to look hard to find a tiny scratch or scuff. Looks amazing.

--Very Good means the camera has suffered just one or two small scratches from normal light use. Other than that it is just a wonderful looking, perfect working Polaroid instant camera.

--Good condition cameras are perfect working cameras.. they just have a lot of noticeable scratches or scuffs. Fair cameras.. well, they work. Vintage with a lot of wear. Polaroids are built strong and simply. They'll last a looong time even if the outside looks scratchy.

Optional SX-70 film camera accessories include: A 10 time use flash bar, an electronic battery powered flash, and a photocopy SX-70 manual. Postage costs vary slighty.


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