Polaroid SX-70 Sonar and Flash - Rare Combo Package
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Polaroid SX-70 Sonar and Flash - Rare Combo Package

Price: $149.99
  • Item #: 29AF - Sonar/Flash Rare Combo
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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This is a very rare and very cool black version of the Polaroid Pronto Sonar Instant Film Camera with matching flash unit. 

Comes with both instruction manuals and the funky vintage original packaging... All in AMAZING, LIKE NEW CONDITION.

This camera uses Sonar to automatically focus itself! This is an awesome feature and easily makes this camera the best model of the Polaroid rangefinder collection - unlike other rangefinder models like the One Step (rainbow stripe), its lens is not fixed focused... it has manual and automatic sonar powered focusing with a much better quality lens. :)

No worries about new SX-70 film for Polaroid Cameras! It uses the new SX-70 film currently on the market :)


The camera and the flash both have their own box and manual which all fits snuggly in the larger box. :)

Below: the date reads 12/79  (December 1979)  :)