Polaroid Spice Cam 600 film camera PX-70 PX-680
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Polaroid Spice Cam

Price: $139.99
  • Item #: 52 - Spice
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: New
Availability: Out-of-Stock

This is a Polaroid Spice Cam!  Girl Power!!

Only one in stock!!  :)  Comes with the original box and some Spice Girl stickers (pictures of the Spice Girls to stick on the camera) .. unused!  Some of the stickers on the sheet have a bend or crease but they can be straightened out fine and stuck to the camera with a little ingenuity. :) I think its better to have them still on the sheet than already stuck to the camera.  

It is in immaculate condition.  It looks and works like new!!

Also comes with the original manual, also in new condition. :)

Wow!!  What an amazing camera and a rare find in this condition!


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