Polaroid Pepsi Camera Spirit 600 Polaroid Promotional Camera - Rare
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Polaroid Spirit 600 PEPSI Cam - RARE

Price: $399.99
  • Item #: 30P - PEPSI
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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This is a Polaroid PEPSI Cam!

Extremely RARE Polaroid Spirit 600 promotional camera from the 1980's era.

We've only seen 2 of these cameras, including this one, in the three years we've been in business!

Polaroid promotional Legoland cameras, Hello Kitty cameras, Mary Kay cameras - these cameras come and go; and although they are rare they are nowhere near as rare as this Pepsi Cam.

Tested and in perfect working condition.

Looks AWESOME too! Just a few tiny light scratches in unnoticable places. Very very good condition! No wear marks on the front corners, where the first signs of use/wear usually show up! :)

Such an amazing vintage Polaroid camera.