Polaroid Supercolor 645CL - RARE!!!!
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Polaroid Supercolor 645CL - RARE!!!!

Price: $149.99
  • Item #: 37A - 645CL
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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Polaroid Supercolor 645CL instant 600 film camera for sale. Red with Double Black Stripes.  EXTREMELY RARE!!!

Only one in stock!

Excellent condition!! Looks like new! AMAZING CONDTION!!

Featues exposure control switch (lighten/darken) and the Close-up Switch!

Comes in the original box with instruction manual!

Uses 600 film and the new PX-680 film. 

Very RARE. One of the rarest Polaroid cameras ever made.

Postage costs vary slightly, it costs about $26.00 to post to Australia from the United States. We post to anywhere in the world!!!


U.S./ CAN                $12

UK/EUR                   $21

AU/ CHINA              $26

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