Polaroid SX-70 Film Camera Polaroid for sale 600 film instant The Button
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Polaroid The Button SX-70

Price: $69.99
  • Item #: 29D - Button
  • Manufacturer: Polaroid
  • Condition: Used
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*Special* We have two excellent condition The Button cameras in stock with original boxes and owner's manuals included!! (See picture) 

This is The Button. 

It is a beautifully simple SX-70 film camera.

Another vintage classic from Polaroid.

It has the same features as the Polaroid One Step Land Camera. Exposure (light/dark) control, slot on top for electronic flash or flash bar, strap, uses the same SX-70 / PX-70 film.

These vintage Polaroid SX-70 film cameras have glossy plastic sides, so they tend to pick up very light scratches on the sides rather easily. I've never seen a mint condition one for this reason. So, finding one in excellent condition is a real treat.

You will be more than pleased by the condition!!

We post to anywhere in the world!!!

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No worries about new SX-70 film for Polaroid cameras. Brand new SX-70 and 600 film is very available and reasonably priced..